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Grateful Friends

IHF For a Cause Kicks-off Grateful Friends Basket Drive

Developing a Program to Give Back

Giving back to the local community has always been at the forefront of Ironhorse Funding’s mission. The IHF For a Cause program was created to support charities that are near and dear to us. Throughout the year, Ironhorse Funding will choose non-profit organizations to support as part of the program.

Providing Help to those With Cancer

Grateful Friends is a local non-profit organization that provides support and unexpected joy to adults living with cancer or going through cancer treatment. Created by two (grateful) friends, both cancer survivors, who realized first-hand the struggles of living with cancer and treatment. Grateful Friends was born to ease the burdens of others who are living with cancer by sending a “comfort basket” to those in treatment, offering bill-paying assistance, and providing resources for a fun night out to “escape” the everyday plight of living with cancer.

Why Grateful Friends

“Unfortunately, most everyone has been impacted by cancer in some way and it is a cause we can all get behind,” said Director of Human Resources, Lisa Foley. Both headquartered in Beverly, Massachusetts, Ironhorse Funding is excited to support Grateful Friends and helping those in our community.

IHF Basket Drive

Grateful Friends indicated they were in desperate need of comfort items for its Comfort Basket Program, its signature service, and is requesting items to fill the baskets. Baskets include a variety of items such as socks, blankets, beverages, candy, activity books, and more.

The Ironhorse Funding team is happy to help and is placing a series of bins in each department area with a list of items requested by Grateful Friends. Over the course of a month, the various departments will collect and donate items to their bins. The department with the most donated items will receive a prize.

We are thrilled to launch IHF For a Cause with Grateful Friends. To learn more about Grateful Friends and see how you can help, visit

Update 8/8/22: Through the efforts and generosity of our employees, an estimated $2,750 worth of items were donated. To make an even bigger impact, IHF has agreed to make a matching donation to Grateful Friends for a total donation of $5,500.


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