Motorcycle Gift Ideas

What To Get the Rider in Your Life

Looking for a gift for the rider in your life, but not a motorcycle enthusiast? We’re here to help you find the perfect gift! Gifts range in all shapes and sizes, from bike to bike, and vary in price. Use this guide as a starting point on your gift-giving journey!

$0 – $49 Motorcycle Gift Price Range

Motorcycle Accessories

Looking for something useful that doesn’t break the bank? Think accessories. A new set of grips, kickstand side stand foot, or safety gear such as glasses, earplugs, and gloves are a great start.

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Pinlock motorcycle giftPinlock Lens Insert

A pinlock lens insert can dramatically improve rider visibility and comfort. Featuring an air-tight helmet seal and moisture absorption, this insert improves both comfort and visibility.
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Portable Battery Charger motorcycle giftPortable Battery Charger

Give the gift of security with a portable battery charger. You can get one at a reasonable price and it’s not much bigger than the size of a phone offering ultimate portability. A battery charger is one of those items you don’t want until you need it.

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$50 – $99 Motorcycle Gift Price Range

Motorcycle Cover Gift IdeaMotorcycle Cover

A new motorcycle cover shows you care about protecting what your rider cares about. A motorcycle is an investment, protect it with something as simple as a cover. An upgrade from a trashbag/tarp combo for sure!

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Bag/Storage Motorcycle Gift IdeaBag/Storage

Transporting anything on a motorcycle can be a pain, think about a new bag or backpack for the rider. A motorcycle-mounted bag for easy portability and increased storage goes a long way for the rider in your life.

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Phone mount motorcycle gift

Motorcycle Phone Mount

A motorcycle phone stand is a great gift for the rider. Easily access the phone from your handlebars without fiddling through your pockets to find it. These stands range in price but look for the ones that are easy to remove. As an added bonus look for shock absorption!

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$100+ Motorcycle Gift Price Range

New Gear

A new helmet, jacket, or boots will go a long way in providing comfort, safety, and style for your rider. Go as far as customizing any gear for a nice personal touch.

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Sure you can get a multi-tool for well under $100, but not a good one. A good quality multi-tool designed with a motorcyclist in mind is a great accessory for the rider to have on and off the bike. You never know what issues may arise, give them the tool to help.

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Motorcycle Safety Course

Learning how to avoid a dangerous situation could save your rider’s life. A safety training course is more than just the basics of riding. These courses cover how to maneuver your bike in bad situations, and more! Safety Training is a thoughtful gift to the person who would never pay for a safety training course.




Whatever the cost, there are plenty of gifts for the rider in your life. Safety, security, and convenience are the themes we’d stick with as it shows the rider how much you care.

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