5 Motorcycle Competitions to Celebrate Motorsports Awareness Month

August is Motorsports Awareness Month. To celebrate, we’re highlighting the most popular forms of motorcycle competitions across the globe. Both amateurs and professionals take part in all sorts of competitive events such as road racing, motocross, drag racing, speedway, and cross-country racing.

A Brief History of Motorcycle Racing

old motorcycle raceMotorcycle racing got its start in Europe in 1905 by the Fédération Internationale Motorcycliste for the first international cup race. It wasn’t until 1907 that the race for the Tourist Trophy ignited popularity for the sport for years to come.

Motorcycle racing in North America began in 1903 by the Federation of Motorcyclists leading to the popular Daytona 200-mile race in 1937 which quickly became the leading U.S. race for years to come. Both the Fédération Internationale Motorcycliste and the Federation of Motorcyclists (now know as the American Motorcycle Association) continue to host many of the most popular motorcycle races across the globe.



Motorcycle Road Racing

motorcycle road raceRoad races take place on closed courses, some of which may be made up entirely of public roads. Road races host numerous classes of vehicles based on engine displacement, ranging from 50 cubic cm (3 cubic inches) through 125, 250, 350, 500, and 750 cubic cm. The most powerful motorcycles have nearly 150 horsepower and top speeds in excess of 185 miles (298 km) per hour. Across the world, regional clubs and organizations host annual international road racing meets. The annual Daytona race is regarded as the most important road race for professionals.





motocross motorcycle raceMotocross is a type of cross-country race consisting of a specified number of laps over a closed course laid out on rough, natural terrain. Rider endurance is possibly even more crucial than equipment in motocross, and the riders rightfully view themselves as athletes. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, motocross racing was introduced in Great Britain and throughout Europe. By the 1960s, it had developed into a well-liked spectator sport.





Motorcycle Drag Racing

motorcycle drag racingDrag racing consists of a series of acceleration, or top speed, contests, each between two racers, on a straight, smooth-surfaced course that is one-quarter mile long. Drag racing draws many amateur competitors, utilizing both street bikes and custom, super-charged motorcycles.





Speedway Racing

motorcycle road raceSpeedway is a type of racing that mixes motorcycle riding with the flair of roller derby. Speedway tracks are small, occasionally measuring just 0.4 km in circumference, and they are covered in soft clay or cinders. The machines used are ultralightweight, with small fuel tanks and small brakes.





Cross Country Racing

cross country motorcycle raceCross country or hare scrambles races are off-road competition events. In contrast to an enduro, the race is a full-throttle push to the finish line with each class of riders starting on the same row. Each race takes place over challenging natural terrain on specified courses that span many miles through desert or wooded areas. Until the leader has completed a predetermined number of circuits or has competed for a predetermined length of time, typically two hours.

This August, combine your love for motorcycles with your competitive spirit and find some motorcycle competitions out there to watch. It may just spark your interest enough to compete.