5 Motorcycle Adventures You Can’t Miss

Start Your Motorcycle Adventure by Riding the Best Roads in The World

There’s nothing quite like the sensation of cruising down the highway on your motorcycle. Traveling across an unexplored area, witnessing new sights, and soaking in the scenery. Plan your next trip with your motorcycle in mind at one of these top motorcycle adventure destinations.

01. The Pacific Coast Highway – United States of America

200 miles (320 kilometres), San Luis Obispo to San Francisco

Pacific Coast Highway

As you dance a thrilling two-lane tango past seal-strewn beaches, redwood woodlands, plummeting cliffs, and the thunderous surf of Big Sur, civilization vanishes swiftly.

This breathtaking ride follows the cliffs and achingly beautiful environment that surrounds the roaring Pacific Ocean below you, passing via the historic Carmel and Big Sur as the route snakes south towards the massive Morro Rock that lies above the harbor. It’s only a 200-kilometer trip, but don’t rush it – take your time on this motorcycle adventure, stop frequently, and take plenty of photos!




02. The Great Ocean Road – Australia

180 miles (290 kilometers), Melbourne to Peterborough

great ocean road

This one-day ride from Melbourne to Peterborough carries riders through coastal rainforest, past world-class surfing beaches, and along the rugged Shipwreck Coast, known for limestone pinnacles that pierce the sea like witch’s fingers.

On this motorcycle adventure, you’ll travel along some of Victoria’s most beautiful coastline, passing through the lush rain forest and open clifftops with a breathtaking view south to the distant horizon. Built between 1919 and 1932, it’s difficult to pick a favorite piece of this scenic highway, but the Shipwreck Coast section, with its limestone pillars protruding out of the surf, and the length above the Apollo Coastal Nature Reserve are both worth stopping for an hour or two.



3. Amalfi Coast, Italy

37 miles (60 kilometers), Sorrentine Peninsula

motorcycle amalfi coast On the southern edge of the Sorrentine Peninsula, right below Naples, is the achingly beautiful Amalfi coast. Stunning Mediterranean shoreline views while riding through hand-carved tunnels.

The route is just about 60 kilometers long, but it makes up for it in splendor. From Sorrento to Amalfi, the road follows the rough coastline for much of the way, occasionally clinging to the cliffs above unimaginable drops to the thundering waves of the Mediterranean below. You’ll pass through postcard-perfect villages, go through rock-cut tunnels, and keep your wits about you as you navigate tight hairpin twists and infinite corners.




4. Ceuta to Marrakesh loop, Morocco

2,570 kilometers (1,600 miles)

Motorcycle Morocco

 Bikers on this journey experience snow-capped mountains, boundless deserts, and stunning coastal views while traveling through ancient cities.

Riders depart Ceuta and cross the Atlas Mountains (which are snow-capped in the winter) to reach the Sahara at Erfoud. Ride through the desert, winding west through the Todra Gorge and passing between Ouarzazate’s palm groves and the imperial city of Marrakesh. You’ll get panoramic views of the coast all the way up to Casablanca. Take a few days to enjoy the sun and Moroccan culture before concluding the loop with a 200-mile (322-kilometer) journey back along the coast to Ceuta.


5. Pyrenees Loop, France and Spain

2,410 kilometers (1,500 miles), Bilbao to Biarritz

Pyrenees Loop, France and Spain

This route is a favorite among European bikers because of its spectacular landscape and mind-bending hairpins.

The Pyrenees Loop is a 1,500-mile (2,414-kilometer) journey that connects the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans via a network of twisting mountain roads and coastal areas. Highlights include Spain’s N260 highway as well as France’s D117 highway, both of which consist of about 90% curves that snake through opposite sides of the Pyrenees Mountain range. Biarritz, with its sandy beaches and opulent seaside casinos, is the final stop on our ride.



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